Punishment For Females During Medieval Inquisition Times

A new kind of extreme bondage stories for you today! It's the eerie era of the medieval bondage inquisition and you're a witness to the savage and inhuman tortures that await those unaware! That's what's happening here in this extreme bondage stories gallery.

This unfortunate redheaded wench is caught and brought to the secret lair of the evil Inquisitor where she'll be brutally tortured and punished for being accused of witchcraft. The skinny maiden has no idea the fiendish fate that awaits her at the hands of these fiends, who are mad about punishment for females, and soon helpless woman is fully bound and gagged.

The Inquisitor has intentions of suspending the fair skinned beauty and whipping her into utter submission. He intends on getting her to confess of her otherworldly doings and he means to give no mercy as he does so. He uses his rope with his group of henchmen and henchwomen and they hoist the sexy redhead high from the ceiling creating an incredibly painful cunt torture.

There they begin to whip and lash her as she wriggles and writhes in agony. The whips cause her skin to rise in red welts and bruises and this pleases her tormentors no end. Her pleas for quarter go unheard and unheeded by her unmerciful witch torturers and she whinces and cries at every brutal lick of the leather whips.

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Extreme Bondage Sex With Medieval Prostitutes Accused Of Witchcraft

There was no better way to cleanse the dark filthy medieval city streets from prostitution than to accuse them of witchcraft. The scenes of witch torture were so full of sexual assault, that you must fasten yourself to your chair, or you may fall out of it watching this kind of punishment for females.

The brutality afoot is that of the fiendish doings of the dungeon pleasure of the extreme bondage you'll see here. In this instance a prostitute is kidnapped and brought to the dank, dark dungeon o horde of vile torturers where they intend to have their extreme bondage way with her.

The drag her through the straw and then bind her up so that they can gain access to her forbidden pleasures. She tries to escape but there is no hope as the tormentors rip her clothing away and begin to whip her mercilessly to make sure she is submissive enough for the punishment for females ahead.

Now that they have her bound up they begin to take advantage of her sexually. They force her to perform fellatio on their nasty dirty sweaty penises and then the men take turns ravaging her vagina and anus, when this becomes a malignant cunt fucking torture.

They plunge their filthy members into all her holes again and again filling her up with their sordid semen. The poor girl then takes whip beatings and more degradation as the men continue to ravage her sexually. Soon she's covered in red welts and layers of dungeon dirt and encrusted spent semen.

Cruel Witch Torture Bdsm You've Never Seen Before!

The legend of the tortures of the rack are what we see here regarding this captured young wench who is accused of witchcraft. She is now in the vile clutches of the inquisitors who intend to administer their own brand of sinister medieval extreme bondage.

Stripped of her clothing and laying bare naked on the infamous rack, she is now victim of the evil inquisitors who can now use any number of their fiendish instruments of extreme bondage and severely painful cunt and clit torture.

The rack can stretch a victim to the point of dislocating their bones and flesh but these fiends are going to satisfy their perverted bondage desires, not to cause much real harm. They want secrets about where she learned her unholy witchcraft skills in this witch torture story! They flay her skin with their whips until her flesh rings out in red welts.

Then they use hot candle wax, dripping it slowly and surely over the surface of her skin, globs of searing hot liquid pile up on her breasts and nipples causing them to harden and push the drying wax upward. Then they drip the hot wax along her belly and then down to her pubic mound and vagina.

There her hot, moist vaginal sauces mix with the boiling liquid thus titilating her itching clitoris and creating an incredibly painful yet sexual cunt torture. This makes poor woman cum in hands of these vile extreme bondage sex torturers. What a shame really!

Cruel Witch Torture During The Time Of Holy Crusade!

Deep inside the dark recesses of the inquisitor's fiendish medieval bondage dungeon we find a young black girl being tortured by the sinister inquisitor and his minions. They have at their hands the most vast array of medieval torture devices and tools from racks to whips and more for intense punishment for females suspected in witchcraft.

The poor wench had no idea she would be abused and degraded to such a degree but her accusations of being a black witch allows for the inquisitor to use whatever means necessary to get a confession out of the maiden in this witch torture.

They strip her and beat her and raise red welts on her dark skin. They hoist her up in a stock from the ceiling and then take their turn beating and whipping and using their evil bondage extreme devices on her tender flesh. They get aroused by their dominance over their captive and she too begins to feel her vagina moisten and clitoris harden from all the cunt and witch torture she went through tonight. The inquisitor and his fiends then spank her bare vagina and she shrieks in pain and pleasure.

Back then in time of Holy Crusades black women were so shocking in appearance they instantly thought to be witches, which resulted in extreme witch tortures happening left and right in christian part of conquered Palestine. The InquisitionWorld site is simply rocks if you are an extreme BDSM enthusiast and want to see these utterly realistic scenes. Enjoy!

A New Case Of Witch Torture - Accident With Noble Cavalier

An unfortunate mishap sends this sexy maiden to the bowels of the evil Inquisitor's dungeon! She accidentally scares a horse and causes a cavalier to fall, she of course is believed to be a witch casting her spell on noblest king's servants and she faces a fate worse than death.

They carry her off to their dungeon and begin their torturous endeavors. They bind her up to several sinister devices where they can have total access to her and she cannot escape the punishment for females that awaits her.

Poor maiden squirms and tries to beg for mercy but there is nothing that can help her as the most cruel of witch tortures is to befall her. The Inquisitor puts her on the floor totally naked before the bench and hurl insults and accusations toward her.

After totally berating his victim the poor wench is then sent to the lower parts of the dank dungeon where the most despicable of degradations occur. She's locked up like a stock animal, whipped, probed, and has sinister devices of cunt torture put upon her. She has no escape and no mercy is given her. This horrifying scenario has just begun however and that means what is in store for her later is too unspeakable.

You'll have a great deal of pleasure watching this extreme bondage story continue, so there's no point to break your fun telling you what to expect further!

Extreme Bondage Stories With Vaginal Pear Torture In Medieval Inquisition

Oh a favorite toy of all extreme medieval inquisition bondage torturers! It's so much loathed by slaves, the vaginal pear that is!

With no one to come to her aid, a fallen woman is captured and placed on the torture chamber table as the inquisitor and his henchmen gather around her to inflict the most devious of unimaginable extreme bondage tortures. There is no cunt torture like that of using a vaginal pear.

The device is large and made of metal and is wedged into the tight orifice of a victim's vagina, inflicting one of the most cruel form of punishment for females known to a man.

Now bound and spawled eagle on the table the poor victim knows not when the inquisitor will engage in such a device and render her wallowing in her own cucnt juices and searing pain. They have her naked form at their disposal and the inquistor's evil extreme BDSM addicted henchman prepares the device asfter giving her the lashigns she deserves in order to get her ready for the fate to befall her far beyond she has fallen by herself prostituting.

He readies the vaginal pear and slowly begins to insert it into her throbbing wet vagina. The massive object must be forced into her as her vagina is too small to encompass it. She wiggles and writhes in both agony and pleasure as the bulbous metal vaginal pear finally breaks open her orifice and is slowly but forcefully inserted into her deep love tunnel.

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