Medieval Punishment For Females - Cunt Torture And Burnt Pussy

The village is in terror as they cower at the scent of burnt pussy hair wafting from the evil dungeon of the cunt torture inquisitors! They have in their clutches a beautiful young wench from the village that they've kidnapped and are intending on torturing and using for their own perverted purposes.

They strip her naked first and glare at her supple naked body and then tie her down to the table where they can get at her. She is spread eagle and the Grand Inquisitors slowly caresses her soft skin before his henchmen begin using their cruel whips and instruments of submissive cunt torture.

The wench wails in agony as they begin their savage assault yet none are willing to come to her rescue. The inquisitors now know they are in charge and plan on engaging in their favorite sexually depraved cunt and clit torture and that is burning away her soft tender pubic hair.

Slowly and surely they apply their flames to her fuzzy pubic mound and revel at the crisping and crackling sounds and raw scent of burning hair. The heat causes the wench to heave and buck like a wild stallion under extreme cunt torture but she also feels the waves of orgasmic sensation from the vile event. Her clit gets stimulated so much she can't help but cum in hands of her torturous thugs!

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