Extreme Bdsm | Interrogation Of Women In Nazi Gestapo

When a fleeing agent is captured by the sinister gestapo feminazi commandant for interrogation bondage, her extreme bondage ordeal will now begin in a cruel imprisoment inside the fetid dog pound.

The girl has been sought after by the BDSM extreme Mistress in her knee high leather boots and riding crop. The terrified girl is dragged to the secret branch of the gestapo and her henchmen where they place her inside the dog pound, an enclosure where victims are degraded beyond belief. No enemy agent survived this horrible cunt torture without confessing all she ever knew!

She is beaten and degraded and stripped as she's tossed into the dog pound. She is covered in disgusting garbage and putrid water. The stench and filth are beyond imagination and her nylon stockings are covered in her own filth. The feminazi Mistress and her henchmen make light of their wretched victim. Cowering like a beaten dog the girl now knows the utmost in extreme bondage deprivation and degradation. She is then stripped of her clothing and lays there naked and urinating on the floor.

Her tormentors use an electric cattle prod to torture her helpless cunt and then make her use her own clothes to wipe up after her own filth and they then hose her down with a powerful stream of water like a caged animal she is.

The times of nazi gestapo during World War II were indeed horrible and this extreme BDSM site portrays them in utterly realistic manner. Being an extreme bondage enthusiast you are, you can click here right now to get inside of The InquisitionWorld!

Extreme Medieval Device Bondage - Use Of Famous Hell's Chair

The sheer fiendish design of this hell's chair is such that anyone placed in it would be driven mad by the excruciating extreme bondage torture it contains. This device is a chair with pointy spikes all over it so that the victim sits on them and below it is an opening in which hot coals and wood are placed to heat it up and make it an insanely painful cunt torture.

Just looking at it can give you nightmares. In this instance this helpless woman is going to be the medieval inquisitor's latest victim to be trained and discpilined in evil inquisition BDSM.

She is stripped naked and placed on the chair. She screams and howls as the pointy spikes tear into her tender skin. The cruel inquisitors then use other devices to enhance the witch torture and punishment for females. She has her hands and feet clamped tighter onto the spikes and the pain races through her body.Then they place a breast clamp on her tits and squeeze it to turn her tits red from the excruciating pressure. They add to all this torture the heating of the chair's metal which sends greater waves of pain throughout her body.

The spikes shoot the heat into her raw flesh and her vagina, impaled on the spikes and dripping vaginal fluid begins to bake from the heat sending fumes of steam and causing her clitoris to erupt in orgasmic convulsions, adding another sinister chord in this devilish cunt torture melody.

Punishment For Females And Medieval Inquisition - See How It Was Like Back Then!

Trapped with no place to run nor hide this helpless redheaded woman is the victim of the sinister witch's circle. Her pursuers have captured her during the age of medieval inquisition and they mean to torture her for her occult secrets.

The countryside villagers were accusing her of unspeakable acts of devilish service and now she is facing the ultimate in medieval bondage torture. They capture the wench and tie her to a board and begin their devious extreme bondage tortures.

They whip her and make sure she knows whom her masters are. They drag her through the road dirt and pull her hair. The whipping continues and her tender white flesh is turned red from the lashings. Again and again they lash her and she tries to escape but soon they tire and bind her to a tree.

The harsh bark scratches her tender skin, and makes the deep whip welts sting even more. She is now totally helpless and at the mercy of her captors. Her vagina begins to lubricate and she feels shame as the people see her nakedness and hear her pitiful screams for devilish help.

Nobody helped witches back then, nobody wanted to suffer in hands of extreme medieval bondage inquisitors. This fantasy is portrayed so well you'll wonder how this is even possible in XXI century!

witch torture

Extreme Water Bondage Stories With Cruel Water Torture

This kind of sinister extreme bondage stories is what you're going to enjoy much here. The sexual depravity doesn't end when this poor hapless maiden like this one. She's been captured by the feminazi UberMistress and her lackeys and brought to the dark depths of their sinister castle.

Now after being dragged to their dank, dark dungeon she is going got suffer the indignity of barrel torture. The feminazi UberMistress is going to enjoy dunking her submissive captive slut into the water filled container, beginning this cruel extreme hardcore bondage scene with much energy and creativity.

They strip the slut down to her naked flesh and use their whips and canes to deliver the discipline they need to make sure she knows whom her masters are. Her white dove soft skin grows welts as red as tomatoes and then when she's thoroughly submissive they engage in their next stage of extreme bondage torture and punishment for suspected women, the water barrel.

Bound and unable to escape they dunk her head into the barrel and she can't breathe. They raise her head every once in a while and see her gasping desperately for air. They repeat the punishment over and over until the poor cocksucking slut can no longer contain herself and gives up her secrets. The feminazi commandant has gotten a sexual thrill out of her torture and her panties are wet from her vaginal juices from performing this interrogation bondage.

Without having any permission, the deranged slave bitch drinks the water from inside the barrel. To avoid this kind of behaviour, the guards were pissing right into the water. But she was swallowing the filthy urine water as well - what a vile and dirty slut she is! Only sctrict punishment for females can discipline her enough to stop sucking cocks on the streets!

Extreme Bondage Stories Continue - A Powerful Suspension Torture For A Witch Suspected In Evil Sins!

Hanging from the ceiling this poor innocent victim of the medieval bondage inquisitor is about to suffer the ultimate punishment for angering The Grand Inquisitor himself.

In this position she cannot escape nor avoid the fearsome cunt torture her evil tormentors will deliver. They twirl her around to get a good look at her tender flesh and then they break out the whips, canes, and hot candle wax. Lashing after lashing is meted out on the fair white maiden and her confessions do come easily for the extreme bondage inquisitor.

This kind of extreme bondage fucking and whipping turns her tender flesh red and small welts appear and as hot candle wax is poured on her again the searing hot liquid makes the welts sting even more. She shudders and quivers in agony and terror during this cunt torture session as her cruel tormentors continue to inflict the inhumane excruciating pain that signals her ultimate submission and degradation.

Soon she can no longer contain herself and a torrent of vaginal juices flow showing that she truly is the witch they suspected of her. The Grand Inquisitor did the top notch job at this witch torture, and now his vile henchmen going to enjoy extreme bondage fucking even more. How about you? Sign up here right now to witness cruel extreme BDSM scenes yourself!

Extreme Bondage Story Which Would Make You Scared!

Here's a picture and video series of the most bizarre and extreme bondage torture stories you'll ever find on the web! High class extreme bondage action that will make you sweat!

In this sinister cunt torture adventure a young maiden is captured by the vicious inquisitor and taken to the hidden dungeon. She is believed to be a witch so they intend to whip her sorceress ways out of her.

They bind her with ropes and chains and being lashing into her tender flesh with their whip sand cat-o-nine-tails and other fiendish extreme bdsm devices. She squeals in agony as each lash stroke flays as her skin and raises up red welts and purple bruises.

The medieval bondage Inquisitor and his henchmen and henchwomen languish over their helpless victim as this horrid witch torture session goes into high overdrive. Placed on the rack, forced to feel her bones and flesh stretched as more lashes from her persecutors whips tear into her, the maiden begs for mercy and is ashame as she begins to reach massive orgasm from this cruel cunt torture again and again.

She writhes and wriggles to get free but it's to no avail as her tormentors pour on the punishment for her witch ways. This is the kind of punishment for females you'll fall in love with, so be sure to grab a membership today! It's so worth it because there's no site that comes even close to such realistic extreme bondage stories!

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