An Extreme Bondage Story Of Witch Torture And Cruel Endless Whipping

The depraved cruelty of this punishment for females saga is unmatched. In this drama a beautiful woman has been captured by the cruel Inquisitor and his sinister league as a suspect of witchctaft practicies and subjected to the most heinous and inhumane tortures you can imagine.

They found any excuse to kidnap this young maiden and of course witchcraft was as good an excuse as any. They simply dont care as punishment for females makes up for the dullness of their medieval life.

They make her crawl around on the floor like an animal and she cries and whines for mercy but that does her no good. The Inquisitor uses his special brand of fiendish devices like whips and hoods to bring the unfortunate lass into total submission.

Each searing lick of the whip makes her tender pale flesh welt up in red streaks that give way to purplish and blue bruises. Her plump tight ass gives way for a hook that keeps her pulsating paining asshole in place and obedient as they try to work out a confession from her.

Bound in rope and beaten repeatedly in extreme bdsm fashion the woman begins to orgasm bringing shame to her and delight to her sinister torturers. Her creamy vaginal juices flow down her whipped thighs and she quivers and shudders hoping that each biting whip lash will be her last but that is not to be the case and the witch torture continues non-stop! Such incredibly thrilling extreme bondage story you absolutely have to watch the full version!

Guess What Kind Of Punishment For Females And Extreme Bondage You're About To Enjoy Today?

A shy village servant girl is captured by the sinister military feminazi commandant and brought to her castle stronghold where she will be subjected to a modern inquisition and interrogation BDSM!

The raven haired feminazi Ubermistress has the sweet blonde maiden clasped in irons and walked ashamedly naked through the halls of the cold dark castle to her torture chamber of horrors. Inside the castle the feminazi commandant in her black knee high leather boots begins an episode of extreme bondage that will make your hair curl. Watching this kind of punishment for females is certainly not for just about everyone.

Her naked slave girl has no idea to what new depths of depravity she'll be subjected to but soon realizes it's something far more fiendish than even she can imagine. The feminazi has prepared a special cunt and breast torture for her innocent victim and that is two cups full of hot coffee and wants her milk delivered by forcing the servant girl to immerse her tender perky tits into them.

To make sure she understands the orders the feminazi UberMistress uses her cane to whip the girl's pearly white ass until it is beet red and after crawling on all fours she has her tits immersed into the broiling hot liquid. A truly harrowing experience, but this exactly as it happened some 70-80 years ago.

Modern Inquisition Bondage - Woman Agent Caught And Interrogated By Nazi Gestapo Police!

The cruelty of a savage whipping is what this spywoman is about to endure. She's been captured by the sinister gestapo commandant and her vile henchmen and carried off to their evil dungeon of extreme bondage torture.

They suspend her from the ceiling of their dark lair and then strip off her clothes and stare at her naked flesh so they can plan their fiendish attack. They not only want answers from the woman, but they want to satisfy their own craven perversed sexual desires, which include strict cunt torture.

They decide on what form of extreme BDSM torture to deliver to her and realize the simplest is the best and that's the whip! Dangling like a caught fish the girl quivers in terror not knowing when the first lick will hit her. The gestapo commandant Mistress grins as she knows her hesitation is causing the girl to reel in terror and finally when the wench least expects it she lets loose with a flurry of whip strikes that sends waves of sexual pain throughout her body.

The wench cries out in anguish again and again as the cracking of the whip causes her skin to turn red and the site of her tender tits and lush asscheeks being turned as red as cherries delights her captors no end. Feminazi Mistress continues this punishment of females by choking her slavegirl with her sweaty pussy lips hidden under her gestapo uniform. A must see!

Totally Extreme Bondage Device For Punishment Of Females - Electical Bed!

This poor hapless victim is really going to get a charge out of this extreme bondage experience as she's bound to a metal bed and fiendish electrodes are clamped to her tender nipples and soft vulnerable labia. The evil dominatrix feminazi, the evil gestapo bondage Mistress and her henchmen have the poor maiden in their vile clutches and they mean to ramp thengs up with an amp in reserve of electricity.

The way this extreme torture bondage works is that they have the victim stark naked on the medal bed and then douse her with water so as best to conduct the electrical current. She then must suffer the excruciating pain of having the jumper cable like clamps pinching down viciously on her tender nipples and soft labia.

She writhes in pain as it is but that's nothing compared to what she gets when her tormentors turn on the electricity to begin this cruel cunt torture! The wave of electrical charge is so much that she almost bolts out of the metal bed but she's too well bound and her screams can't help her deep inside the extreme bondage sex and pain depraved dugneon.

Jolt after jolt of electric runs through her naked body and her nipples and pussy are suffering sheer agony from the electrical discharge and new way of punishment for criminal females. Her captors leer at her in their perverted way as they relish the sexual suffering of their beautiful captive.

Extreme Bdsm And Cunt Torture - Whore Cleansed Of Her Sins In Dark Inquisition Dungeon

The sheer ferocity of these extreme bondage stories drama is such to the fact it may make you squeal. This slut has been captured from the safety of her brothel by the dungeon master, the adept of cunt torture. Her clothes are shredded and her nakedness is shamedly shown as the cruel masters now begin their vicious extreme bondage whippings.

The lashes they give the girl tear apart what's left of her clothing and makes her skin turn red. Her breasts are whipped again and again and they bounce and jiggle as the nipples harden and the sweat flies off her heaving bosom with every brutal lash.

The evil tormentors now work on her soft belly and the reddened flesh and the girl's screams delight her torturers no end. They know they have a tender victim to abuse and the slut knows not when the cruelty will end.

The tormentors now get to the juicy part and begin to flay her tight little ass and watch as her butt cheeks ripple like water with every unmerciful lash.

Her vagina begins to ooze sauces and the extreme bondage sex depravity now begins. They rub their fingers and penises on her sore flesh satisfying their vile bondage perversion, continuing to torture this sinful cunt to no end. Would they cleanse her of her ungodly sins, or would this medieval torture end in vain?

Extreme Interrogation Bondage Of Female Enemy Agent

Running for her very life this auburn haired young woman is being pursued by the jack booted thugs in military uniforms. As she flees through the forest the sound of their boots pounds behind her and she stumbles over the brush and is finally captured by agents. Unfortunately for her, they also happen to be of evil extreme bondage torturers, very fond of punishement for females.

Her screams go to no avail as she is brought to the military outpost where it is said unspeakable sexual tortures are utilized to get their enemies to give up theim most valued secrets. When the girl is shown her fate she panics and tries to escape but there is no place for her to flee to and soon she is brought before a crate where the soldiers stuff her inside like so much garbage.

She is crammed in the box and cannot even move one inch and the soldiers engage in insults and torments. They know that she is terrified of confinement and when they have her trembling in terror they now know it is time to utilize their most fiendish interrogation bondage and cunt torture devices on her to not only get her to give up her information but to engage in their own twisted sexual fantasies, which only include punishment of enemy female agents on the most part.

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